2nd Year for Phyllis and the 3-Day Avon Breast Cancer 60 Mile Walk Fund Raiser

The weekend of May 4, 2001, I'll be participating in a very special and powerful event in the fight against breast cancer. It is called the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day 60 Mile Walk.

I'll walk 60 miles from Frederick, Maryland to Washington, DC with 4,000 other courageous people to raise money for breast cancer and other diseases that affect women. The net proceeds from the event will support non-profit breast cancer health programs in every region of the country, and medical research on breast cancer.

Several years ago my mother called to tell me that my younger cousin had been diagnosed with breast cancer. At that moment, the faceless disease that happened only to other families took form and became personal. Today, almost five years later, my cousin is cancer free and a survivor. So, last year when I read about this walk, I just had to do participate - it was the least I could do to honor my cousin and her fight and in a small way contribute to this cause.

Walking last year was an emotional event for all walkers. Everyone who walked had their own special reason. I met a 35 year old man who walked in memory of his wife. She lost her struggle with breast cancer only 6 weeks before the event. Unfortunately, stories like his were plentiful. There were those who walked in memory of those who didn't survive their fight; those who walked in honor of those who were fighting the battle; those who walked because they were fighting their own battle; those who walked so their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters would never have to worry about breast cancer and those who walked because they themselves were SURVIVORS. It was a humbling experience and I look forward to participating again this year.

My goal is to raise $2,500 before April 6th and I need your help. Please consider making a fully deductible pledge to help me meet my goal. In another part of this website you'll find a pledge form for your convenience. Please look over the form and designate the amount that's right for you. Please keep in mind how far I'm walking and how hard I'll have to train to complete the walk.

If you'd like for me to add the name of a loved one to my walking shirt (as you can see in my photo from last year's walk), please let me know. I'll proudly walk in their honor.

Thanks in advance for you generosity.

Walker #2319

PS If you can't print out the pledge form, please email me at docpjm@aol.com and I'll gladly forward you a pledge form.

Please read on the see the list of contributors from last year:

Christine Argyros
Christopher Argyros
Dr. Gregory Argyros and Family
Tony and Bettie Balabous
John Baer
Ray Bonilla
Susan Bond
Donna Lynn Burling
Carol Bushong
Sandra Pryor Clarkson
Isabel "Bunny" Cox
Mike Drake
Citrin Elizabeth
Luther Grantham
Ed and Heide Hackworth
Ray and Pat Harp
Charles "Buster" Hash
Sarah Hayden
Sherl Hines
Patrick Hogan
Kathy Holstrom
Sherry Hurlburt
Doug Jett
Parry and Jerry Kokalis
Dr. Joyce Lammlein
Charlotte Lee
Michele Linn
Santo Lombardo
Roger McCuistion
Joni Mickelsen
Patricia Mihalas
Sindi Mitchell
John Messer
Brenda Napp
Gayle Olszyk
Thomas Patrick
Patricia Roche
Connie Schmitt
Robert Seger
Dianna Shire
Celeste Smetana
Debbie Smith
Dean Stephanides
Carmen Waggoner
Lori Waite
Billie Youngblood